There aren’t many papers studying sex among foraging people, given that is a potentially taboo topic among all societies. But lately I stumbled upon this paper on the Aka, the pygmy tribe I have written about before. Jesse Bering wrote about how the paper describes a cultures where the homosexual orientation is unheard of. That’s not surprising in a culture obsessed with fertility and could also have to do with unusually low levels of sexual dimorphism. What is really surprising to me about this paper is that the married Aka are actually having sex and lots of it:

This chart compares married Aka, with married Ngandu (nearby agriculturalists), and with married Americans. 

We are a society obsessed with sex, but sexually unsatisfying marriages are almost a National joke.


Very interested in what hunter-gatherer sex frequency/duration looked like. We need more studies. lol, this should be a topic every scientist would LOVE to study! Instead of some boring study trying to prove that saturated fats make you fat, raise cholesterol, cause cancer, etc, etc. since that’s almost like trying to prove gravity doesn’t exist!

I feel like I’ve definitely read somewhere that low-fat diets are damaging to sexual desire. Definitely in a recent Underground Wellness Radio show about soybeans, talked about the libido-killing effects of soy. But, I think fat has to play a big role in sex drive—you need cholesterol to make hormones after all.

Definitely going to check out the full text study of the Aka people and their sexual practices. It’s for educational purposes.

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